Luigi Rizzo

Master’s Degree in Electronic Engineering

On this page you will find descriptions of my completed projects and ideas, either because part of university exams or as a hobby, there may certainly be aspects to improve in each project just for that you can write to me and I will be happy to talk about them.

Design and implementation of a virtual prototype embedded system for automating the procedure of pre-administration of vials containing vaccine doses

The machine was designed to be lightweight and easy to use.
The idea of the team, with whom I did this project, is to make a vial machine in which it is possible to see through, so that all processes can be seen by the operator, and consequently any problems can be more easily solved.
At the center of the machine is a rotating circle to which a syringe and actuator is attached, which adjusts the extension of the plunger, allowing withdrawal. The rotating circle is, in turn, connected to another actuator, recessed in the lower plane, which adjusts the height of the turret consisting of the circle, the other actuator, the syringe, and the servomotor. The latter controls the rotation of the hoop and is located on the side opposite the syringe and actuator. The rotational movement is necessary to take the diluent, located on the upper plane, and mix it with the vaccine vial located on the lower plane.
The vial is held by a clamp connected to another servomotor, which is necessary for the processes of mixing the vial. In the clamp, however, there is a heating element used for defrosting the vial from -55° to 8°.
Switches (limit switches) are used to check whether the vial and diluent are in place, and an emergency stop button is present to immediately stop all processes if something unexpected happens.
When an error is detected or the stop button is pressed: after the operator has corrected all errors, a resume button is present to return to the home state. In addition, there is a play button to start all processes from the idle state. Before pressing the play button, the operator should make sure that about the presence of diluent into the syringe and should insert the diluent into the vial taken from the -55° refrigerator.
To indicate the status of the machine, there are three LEDs:

  • green for inactivity,
  • yellow for operation
  • red when an error is detected or the stop button is pressed.

Finally, an LCD screen displays the current status of the machine, and also shows some tips for operators (such as “Press the resume button” when the machine is in the stop state).
The work presented was made possible by the cohesion and expertise of the team I worked with.

Final proof of bachelor's degree "Headband for the visually impaired made with arduino"

In my bachelor’s thesis, I decided to realize a project created to support visually impaired or blind people in their daily lives; since it does not already exist a device suitable for signaling obstacles at head height on the market.
A head flashlight was initially purchased for implementation, then there were included other components:

  • Lidar sensor;
  • Ultrasonic sensor;
  • Arudino Pro Mini.

Using CAD drawing software, a new housing suitable to hold the additional components was designed and then fabricated, via 3D printing.

The download of the slides is available only in Italian.

Thank you for reading